In today’s noisy and stressful world, we all need quiet moments and relaxing times. Dogs aren’t different from us. They may be stressed by many things of daily life: a car ride, noisy guests, television, city noises, a phone ringing…

Music is an excellent solution to protect our dogs from stress and anxiety. Many scientific studies have highlighted the influence and the benefits of music on dogs behavior and the results are very impressive.

Music, yes ! But not any music !

On this website you’ll find music especially composed for dogs. No covers, but only original and specific compositions completely respectful of our companions’ needs and taste, which meet their musical preferences observed scientifically. Tracks have been brought together in a specific order on each album.

We know that classical music has positive effects but it is not the only one. More than musical style, the most important is the way the track is composed, recorded and mixed. More information on “the Method”.

Even the most skeptical have observed very good results on their canine companions.

On the page “Music”, explore the albums, their goals (relaxation, gentle stimulation, reassurance…) and instructions for use.

Share wonderful moments with your dog ! Your faithful companion deserves it !

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